If the database service does not start properly and stays in the Starting status then this may be due to a problem with the database files. Carry out the following steps to fix then issue:
  1. Use Task Manager to end the process "dbsrv12.exe"
  2. Open a windows Command Prompt
  3. Change to folder. cd "Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpont Protection Manager\ASA\win32"
  4. Run dbsrv12 -f "c:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpont Protection Manager\db\sem5.db"
  5. When it is complete and the window automatically closes try to start the service "Symantec Embedded Database" in Services.msc.
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Notes client error when archiving locally
paul | Thursday, 17 July 2014 | IBM | Notes

I can across an issue recently when a user was trying to archiving using a local managed replica of their mailfile they receive the error "Error accessing archive information" or "Invalid or Nonexistent document".
Archiving from the server replica worked fine.
1. Deleted Archive Profile. Did not resolve issue.
2. Check ACL of Archive database. Looked Fine.
3. Removed Policy documents from users local address book. No error displayed when the user then archived. 
Ran Fixup/Updall/Compact against the users names.nsf and resolved issue. Result: due to a corrupt local address book.
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IBM Traveler App updated to
paul | Friday, 11 July 2014 | Traveler | Contacts
Your IBM Traveler app for Android may have recently updated to version from the Google Play Store.
The new version has removed the Lookup app and replaced it with a new Contacts app. There will be a new icon in your app drawer like the one below.
Contacts Icon
Running this access the new Contacts app. This is an improved contacts editor for Traveler contacts which will also allow you to do remote Lookups against the server Address Book.
Contact ListContact Edit
Other new features
  • Swipe Inbox emails left to display actions (delete, file, reply, forward)
  • Display other Local calendars on your Traveler calendar (settings)
  • Picture of contact displayed with email
  • Display other Local contacts on your Contacts app (settings)
  • Create Calendar entry from email

Edit: Found first issue. Emails sent through to Notes client come through with the text all on one line missing carriage returns. Tried raising a PMR but IBM are aware of the issue and an update will be issued via the Play Store.

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Kace not accepting a list of hostnames for provisioning the agent
paul | Tuesday, 01 July 2014 | KACE | agent

KACE Error Invalid data entered into the Target Hostnames list

When provisioning a list of hostnames in Kace 1000 v6 it returns the error message "Invalid data entered into the Target Hostnames list."

This require a comma seperated list of hostnames. Add the comma's and it accepts the submission.

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Resolving an application locking issue on SQL Server
paul | Tuesday, 01 July 2014 | SQL Server | blocking
Recently we had an issue with one of our applications which was connected to a Microsoft SQL Server. It was not working normally and we could initially find any reason for this after following our standard troubleshooting procedures.
Looking at the activity monitor on the SQL Server I could see the application server was trying to update a table but was always being blocked by another session. The blocked session was -2 which does not exist or the SQL Server cannot identify the session owner.
Running the query SELECT DISTINCT 'KILL ''' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(50),request_owner_guid) + ''';' FROM   sys.dm_tran_locks WHERE  request_session_id = -2 AND    resource_database_id =DB_ID('Database Name'); returned the GUID of the Owner of the lock. This was D863D39C-1FFE-4F59-8CDD-F12BFB7062E9.
When I tried to kill that session it returned the error "Only Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator can resolve this transaction. KILL command failed".
As explained here in Wayne Sheffield's blog by running the program DCOMCNFG it allowed access to the Distributed Transaction Coordinator GUI and from this I could manually abort the transaction.
This removed the lock and allowed the application access to use the table normally. The most likely source of this rogue transaction was another SQL server linked to the SQL server which had not completed normally.
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