Cannot open file attachment in Outlook Mobile for Android
paul | Monday, 11 June 2018 | Office 365 | AIP

When trying to view certain file attachments (specifically jpg images) on Android Outlook Mobile it displays the error message below:


No Available Apps

There are no apps on this device that your organization allows to open this attachment


This is due to a MAM policy being configured in Azure AD. Installing the AIP app below allowed the attachment to be opened.


Azure Information Protection:

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SMTP Host not connecting to Exchange Online Servers
paul | Wednesday, 25 April 2018 | Office365 | SMTP

SMTP Host not connecting to Exchange Online servers.

When testing the connection the responses to the SMTP commands is blanked out with stars.

This was due to a Cisco firewall mailguard feature. Instructions to disabling the mailguard feature are in the webpage below.

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Windows 10 Send To Email not opening Outlook
paul | Friday, 16 February 2018 | Microsoft | Outlook

On Windows 10 the file explorer Sent To Email menu item, or an Access send to macro, not opening a new email in Outlook. When checking the Program Default all the options are assigned to Outlook but it still does not work.

  1. Open a Command Prompt.
  2. Type command "control /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms /page pageDefaultProgram" and press enter.
  3. Select Outlook 2016.
  4. Select “Choose Defaults for this program”.
  5. Tick MAPI Send email command.

It should then work.

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Microsoft Surface Dock fail
paul | Tuesday, 06 February 2018 | Microsoft | dock

I have tried connecting 2 x 4k monitors to a Surface Dock via it's two mini displayport ports but it does not work. It does work when connecting one of the monitors using a HDMI cable but displays at a lower resolution.

A workaround to get both of them working is to connect one of the monitors to the Surface Dock and the other monitor directly to the Surface Pro using it's mini displayport port.

Considering the Surface Dock is marketed suggesting you can connect 2 4k monitors this a failure from Microsoft!

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Removing application using command line
paul | Monday, 22 January 2018 | Microsoft | Windows

Sometimes it is useful to remove an installed application from the command line (for example using a remote shell).

1. Get a list of applications install by running the command below:

WMIC product get name
2. Use the following command to uninstall a specific application filling in the name:
WMIC product where name="ProductName" call uninstall
Then run the first command to confirm it has been uninstalled.
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