PRTG Administration Tool error Access violation at address
paul | Thursday, 05 November 2015 | PRTG | error

After installing a PRTG Remote Probe when you run the PRTG Administration Tool on the machine to configure the remote probe it displays the error message - PRTG Network Monitor - PRTG Administration Tool Access violation at address 0040A65C in module 'PRTG Administration.exe'. Read of address 010100F9 - as below.

PRTG Error

This is due to the communication between the Admin Tool and the Probe service being blocked by a firewall. Adding an exception for the port (default 23560 TCP) then allowed access without any error messages.

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After adding a Custom EXE/Script Sensor it returned the result "Error message: Response not well formed: "( )" (code: PE132)".

This was caused by a trailing blank line on the output of the VBS. After removing the blank line the sensor executed fine.

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Blackberry Enterprise Server Admin password reset
paul | Monday, 28 September 2015 | Blackberry | BES

Recently had an issue with accessing the Blackberry Administration Service site for administrating the BES (v5.0.4). It stopped accepting valid AD credentials and there were no "local" BAS user accounts configured with Administrator access.

The following T-SQL script executed against the BESMgmt database in SSMS will reset the BAS "admin" user password to "blackberry". It will also create the "admin" user if one cannot already be found in the table BASUsers.

        @DisplayName              VARCHAR(256),
        @Authentication           VARCHAR(256),
        @AuthenticatorTypeId      INT,
        @AuthenticatorInstanceId  INT,
        @ExternalAuthenticatorId  VARCHAR(255),
        @EncryptedPassword        VARCHAR(256)
Start of editing required section
SET @DisplayName =               'System Administrator'                  -- Display name (Not always used)
SET @Authentication =            'BAS'                                   -- 'BAS' for BAS authentication
SET @EncryptedPassword =        '7B7ECF0DAF70D040345D8DD92607E274969F4BA5DFDFAEAC5DE775E5340CDF605D5762EC5D326498ADBE72E7434897025A8702D0237046F554DBCA5769B90154:7637B189'      -- Encrypted string of password 'blackberry'
End of editing required section
IF @Authentication LIKE 'BAS'
        SET @AuthenticatorTypeId =      0                               -- Set to 0 for BAS
        SET @AuthenticatorInstanceId =   0                               -- Set to 0 for BAS
        SET @ExternalAuthenticatorId = NULL
      IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM BASUsers WHERE LoginName = 'admin')
             EXEC SetUpBASorADAuthentication @DisplayName, @AuthenticatorTypeId, @AuthenticatorInstanceId, @ExternalAuthenticatorId, @EncryptedPassword
          UPDATE    BASUsers 
          SET       LoginPassword = @EncryptedPassword
          WHERE     (LoginName = 'admin')

Useful script allowed access to the Blackberry Administration site while the AD authentication issue was resolved. Change the admin password to a secure one ASAP after gaining access.

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We recently experienced an issue with a Linked Server, to an AS400, which would periodically stop working with the error:

"SQL State: 4, SQL Error Code: 7340, Level: 16, Procedure: , Line: 1 Cannot create a column accessor for OLE DB provider "IBMDASQL" for linked server"


The Linked Server connection would be fixed by:

1. In SSMS go into the linked server's properties and then press OK.


2. Programmatically by executing a stored procedure: exec sp_enum_oledb_providers

Do not know why this occurs but issue seems to be with provider IBMDASQL.

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When starting the Remote Desktop Connection the client display the following error: "Remote Desktop Connection - The Remote Desktop Services ActiveX control (mstscax.dll) does not match the version of the client shell."

RDP Error

Due to corruption/mismatch of RDP client system files.


  1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator
  2. Enter SFC /SCANNOW
  3. Reboot when prompted
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