VMware: Disk Provisioning size greyed out
paul | Wednesday, 17 September 2014 | VMWare | Snapshot

If when editing a VM's settings and the "Provisioned Size" on the Virtual Disk's setting are greyed out and do not allow changing.

This could be due to a snapshot on the VM. Deleting any snapshots rolls any snapshot changes into the main files and then the setting is no longer greyed out.

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Setup O2 email to SMS alerts
paul | Monday, 15 September 2014 | O2 | SMS
To enable the ability to send an email to yourself and have it received as a SMS message you will first need to follow the steps below to register with O2's Mmail service.
  1. From O2 phone send SMS to 212 with text 'ON'.
  2. You will be sent a confirmation SMS with the email address (mobile_no@mmail.co.uk).
Now any email sent to the address will be received as a SMS message. Great for generating email alerts to SMS.
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If the Database service will not start then the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager service will not work properly. The database files need to be repaired before the Database service will start. The following procedure should repair any damage.
  1. In the Command Prompt type: "CD C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\ASA\win32\" and press Enter this will change directories to the folder containing dbsrv12.exe.
  2. To force the recreation of sem5.log. Type: "dbsrv12.exe -f "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\db\sem5.db" and press Enter
  3. Click Start, click on Run and Type "services.msc" then click OK and start the "Symantec Embedded Database" Service
  4. Start the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager service
Once the service is started then a database backup can be restored if required.
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IBM Notes Client error: "No Sitemap Error" when opening Inbox
paul | Friday, 29 August 2014 | Notes | Sitemap
Due to corrupt configuration files.
  1. Close down the client
  2. Navigate to the Data folder (c:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Notes\Data)
  3. Rename the Workspace folder
  4. Restart the client

It should then allow you to open the Inbox without any error mesaages.

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Transferring Outlook 2010 Calendar to IBM Notes
paul | Thursday, 28 August 2014 | Migration | Outlook 2010
When transferring an Outlook Calendar to IBM Notes the following instructions can be followed.
  1. Run Outlook
  2. Open Calendar
  3. Select File menu
  4. Select Save Calendar
  5. Select "More Options"
  6. Change "Detail" to "Full details"
  7. Change "Date Range" to "Whole Calendar"
  8. Press OK
  9. Specify ICS filename/location when prompted
  1. Run Notes
  2. Open Calendar
  3. Select File menu
  4. Select "Import..."
  5. Select the saved file
  6. Press Import button
Notes that there is a limit of 500 calendar entries which Notes will import (selecting a date range for future entries only may help with this).
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