Arthur C. Clarke

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Writes science fiction. Hard science-fiction.

Born in 1917 in Somerset, England. Graduate of King's College, London. RAF Officer during WW2.Resides in Sri Lanka.

Also something of an authority on the unexplained and a visionary that predicted the need for geostationary satellites long before they ever appeared. Wrote the first paper on Satellites in 1945.


  • 2001: A Space Odyssey - The classic story of the monolith found on the moon and the trip to Jupiter to investigate.

  • 2010 - Sequel to 2001 follows on where that story left off, with a rescue mission sent to find out what really happened at Jupiter.

    Rendezvous with Rama- A US spacecraft is diverted to examine an huge unidentified object located heading towards earth.The object is a huge metallic cylinder on unknown origin. What is it purpose, who is inside it, why is it heading towards earth Spawned several sequels.

  • Earthlight - Two centuries from now there may be men who do not owe allegiance to any nation of Earth - or even to the Earth itself.

  • Profiles of the Future

  • Childhood's End - This story explores the distant reaches of space, tells of the last generation of Man - and the last man himself.

  • A Fall of Moondust

  • The Deep Range - A nightmare from outer space, Walter Franklin needs to discover a reason for living, and he finds it in the oceans depths where strangers defy death to give him life. But Franklin is haunted by the memory of an echo, an echo that could solve the oldest mystery of the sun.

  • Imperial Earth - Colonist from the solar system converge on Earth for the 2276 celebrations. Duncan McKenzie, scientist administrator from the underground colony of Titan, has a delicate mission to perform - for his planet, his family, and himself.

  • Fountains of Paradise

  • The View from Serendip - non-fiction.

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