Assassin's Quest

by Robin Hobb

Published by Voyager (UK) 
U.S. 6.99
838 Pages
ISBN 0-00-648011-X

This fantasy novel is the third volume in the Farseer Trilogy.

The novel carries on the story from the end of "Royal Assassin".Fitz has just been resurrected, King Verity is on a quest to seek the assistance of the long lost Elderlings, and Prince Regal has usurped the throne of the Six Duchies. The Raiders from Outer Islands are conquering the coastal duchies, as Regal withdraws the Six Duchies' Armies inland.

While most of the first two volumes were set at Buckkeep, this volume sets the characters in the inland duchies and the mountain kingdoms. All of the plot elements are resolved and the mysteries explained, a good ending to the trilogy. The only point that I can make against the novel is the length, is at over 800 pages, it is too long for a single volume. The last 100 pages were fascinating reading.

I do not know if any sequel series are planned, but from the ending it is certainly possible.

Overall this novel an outstanding finish to the trilogy. 9 out of 10.

P.F. 21st May 1998

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