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Writes science fiction and the occasional fantasy. As a science fiction author I found her _Downbelow Station_ to be stale but interesting. _Brothers of Earth_ was more fascinating and I would have liked to see more of that story. Her writing has won the Hugo Award three times.

By the way, the C.J., stands for Caroline Janice, according to herself on the Compuserve SFLIT forum. Resides in Oklahoma, USA.


  • Fortress in the Eye of Time

    - The main character Tristen, is the creation of a powerful wizard before he is destroyed by his enemy. While Tristen is full grown, he is simple, without arcane knowledge. All assume Tristen has great powers, but willhe manifest them before he follows his creator into death. As CJ did not choose the title, I will not hold it against the book. The main problem with this book is that I did not feel enough for the main character. I found it hard to identify with a character who did not seem to know where he was going and did not react like a normal person.

  • Fortress of Eagles - Sequel to the Fortress in the Eye of Time.

  • Faery in Shadow

  • The Goblin Mirror

  • Foreigner

  • Heavy Time

  • Cyteen

  • The Morgaine Series

  • The Union-Alliance Future History Series

  • The Faded Sun Trilogy

  • The Merchanter Novels

  • The Arafel Books

  • The Merovingen Novels

  • Brothers of Earth

  • Sunfall (stories)

  • Visible Light (stories)

  • Glass and Amber (stories)

  • Cuckoo's Egg

  • The Paladin

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