Dave Duncan


About the Author

Writes fantasy novels. Also writes under the name of Ken Hood.

His email address is [email protected].


The Seventh Sword

- Wallie Smith is transported to the world of the Goddess, where he has to become Shonsu the master Swordsman.

A Man of His Word

- Follows the story of Rap the stable boy, who knows a magic word that makes him the only subject of the small kingdom of Krasnegar who can save it from an invasion by Nordland raiders. Great story of Rap's quest that takes him to all corners of his world, and gather the power to save his beloved Princess Inos.

A Handful of Men

- Continues the story of Rap, who no longer has his great magical powers but must overcome an all powerful Coven of Sorcerers bent on revenge.

The Great Game

- New fantasy series. Young English public schoolboy Edward Exeter wants to join the call of his country and do his bit as the First World War begins. Another world interrupts Edwards life and forces him to flee to there. Edward must use his powers, derived from being a "stranger" in that world, to regain control on his life. Very good.

The Kings Blades

The Kings Daggers

Set in the world created in the series "The Kings Blades", but with a lighter tone. Young adult content.

The Omar Books


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