Dry Water

by Eric S. Nylund

Published by Avon (US) 
U.S. 3.99
333 Pages
ISBN 0-380-79614-7


This is a standalone fantasy novel set in our world. The main character is Larry Ngitis, a disenchanted computer programmer and average science fiction author. His only strange ability is that he can tell how a person is going to die, by just looking at them. Seeing his own death, after a life of hard work, he flees to the small town of Dry Water to try to finish the new book he is writing.

Larry does not know that waiting for him, in Dry Water, are two powerful enemies. Raja is a powerful witch, who uses the forces of nature, in her search for a way to restore the Earth. Nick is a dead necromancer, who uses spirits of the dead, in his hunt to stop prophets from destroying the world. Both are made immortal by their powerful magics, and have lived lives that span centuries. Larry must pit his weak power against these two, who oppose him and each other, in their quests.

I really like the start of Nylund's books, which place the character in a interesting situation and explains who and what they are doing, while the action continues. The style of writing gradually uncovers the story. Flashbacks are well used to explain how the character came to become who they are.

Overall this novel an fascinating and quirky story. 8 out of 10.

P.F. 18th April 1998

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