House of the Sun

by Nigel D. Findley

Published by ROC (UK)
U.K. 4.99
304 Pages
ISBN 0-451-45370-0

This novel is part of the series based on the Shadowrun RPG game, which is a mixture of the cyberpunk and fantasy. It is the third novel written by Nigel Findley for the series.

The main character is Dirk Montgomery, a private eye who was an ex-Lone Star police officer. He agrees to carry a message for a powerful businessman toan unknown person in Hawaii. He is soon in big trouble after events spiral out of his control and struggles to understand what is really going on.

It is interesting to read about the changed Hawaii, that has reverted to a monarchy independent of the US. The main character is dumped into a situation that he knows little about and must come to understand before he is killed. Nigel does very well to create the situation and unfolds the events at an even pace.

Sadly this was Nigel's last novel before he died. He was a skilled author whose name would ensure a quality novel. He will be missed.

P.F. 2nd November 1996

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Paul Farris 1996