J.V. Jones


About the Author

Writes fantasy. A relatively new author that has shown excellent promise in her first series, The Book of Words. I am looking forward to her next series.

Born in Liverpool, England, in 1963. As the daughter of a pub owner, she tended bar from the age of 11 onwards. She worked for a record label, in Liverpool, when she was 20.She then moved to San Diego, California, where she ran an export business and is now a marketing director for a interactive software company. Interest include music, history, and computer games. Now reside in San Diego, California.


The Book of Words


  • The Barbed Coil - Tessa is transported to a magical world that proves far more lively and dangerous than San Diego. She teams up with the ruthless mercenary Ravis and Camron, son of murdered Berick of Thorn, to oppose the evil King Izgard of Garizon.

  • A Cavern of Black Ice

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