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Write mostly science fiction. Born in 1957. Grew up in Burlington, Vermont. Graduated University of Vermont, in 1979, with a BA in history. Is an Executive Director of the Pheonix Skeptics, and plays on the Blue Thunder indoor soccer team. Has worked as a game designer for TSR, FASA Corp., Games Designer Workshop, Hero Games, Flying Buffalo, Inc., and Interplay Productions.


Fiddleback Trilogy

- Set in the Dark Conspiracy universe, the GDW roleplaying game of modern horror. Great start to the the first volume. Dark powers return to the world causing pain a suffering. So called "Dark Lords" feed off this power, and use their powers to cause more suffering. Tycho Cain wakes up one day, not knowing who he is, and why he is in Pheonix. He becomes involved in a conflict between one of these Dark Lords, called Fiddleback, and the mysterious Coyote, who is trying to stop the Dark Lords.

Battletect Novels

Warrior Trilogy

- Set in the Battletech universe, the FASA roleplaying game about giant robot combat. Well described battles and complex plots. Best of the Battletech series.

Blood of Kerensky

- Set in the Battletech universe, the FASA roleplaying game about giant robot combat. Sequel trilogy to the Warrior trilogy, set with the next generation of characters, and the return of the clans from beyond the Periphery.

Realms of Chaos

- New series set in a fantasy realm, created by Stackpole. A world divided half into a zone of Chaos, ruled by demons, and half into Order, peopled by the remains of an Empire. Heroes of the Empire must travel through the magical barrier that holds Chaos back, and find a way to protect the Empire from destruction. The most powerful demon is Fialchar, once a powerful magician who tricked his peers into creating the "Seal of Reality" and then broke it, creating the Chaos Realm. Very promising series.

Star Wars X-Wing Series


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