R. A. Salvatore


About the Author

Writes fantasy novels.

Born in 1959, Massachusetts. Received a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree from Fitchburg State College. Reside in Massachusetts, US.


The Icewind Dale Trilogy

- The first novels by Salvatore. A Forgotten Realms series. About a group of heroes that live in the frozen northern Icewind Dale, and there struggles to keep the Dales free.

The Dark Elf Trilogy

- The story of how Drizzt Do'Urden came to leave the Drow underground city of Menzoberranzan. A Forgotten Realms series.

The Second Dark Elf Trilogy

- The story of how the inhabitants of Menzoberranzan come back to haunt Drizzt Do'Urden. A Forgotten Realms series.

The Clerical Quintet

- The story of a brilliant young cleric who lives in a library and must fight, with his powers and intelligence, to prevent it from being destroyed by ambitious dark forces. A Forgotten Realms series.

Spearwielders Tale

- Young Gary Leger is transported to a magical world where he joins on a quest to reforge a magical spear.


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