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Write generic fantasy novels, that are based on a world developed along fantasy RPG lines. Ray spent a good deal of time developing the world, Midkemia, which results in a world with a strong identity, that seems quite realistic for a fantasy world. As a writer, I would say his plot are very well planned, with three dimensional characters with real reactions, and feelings. None of his books are ever bad and are always worth buying.

He can be found on Compuserve's SFLIT forum.


Riftwar Trilogy

- Set in the fantasy world of Midkemia. This is fantasy at its best. Ray introduces a brilliantly constructed fantasy world that has interesting characters, that interact smoothly. A strong story that unfolds at a good pace, while increasing in depth with every volume.

Prince of the Blood- While this is not a bad book, it lacks a strong plot. It does serve to introduce a new generation of characters and provides an update of what happened after the Riftware Trilogy.

The Kings Bucaneer- Better than Prince of the Blood, it is a prelude to the Serpentwar Trilogy. I liked the young prince Nicky, and found it interesting to watch him come to terms with his responsibilities.

Serpentwar Trilogy

- Returns to the fantasy world of Medkemia. The old enemy returns from beyond destruction in the Riftwar Trilogy. Excellent follow-up to the Riftwar series.

  • Daughter of the Empire with Janny Wurts- Different from REF's Medkemia books, it is set in Kelewan.

  • Krondor: The Betrayal - A tie-in with the computer game, of the same name. Review

  • Krondor: The Assassins - Sequel to the Betrayal.

  • Krondor: Tear of the Gods - (forthcomin) Sequel to The Assasins.

  • Conclave of Shadows - (forthcoming) A follow-up to the ending of Shards of a Broken Crown.

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