Robert N. Charrette

About the Author

Writes science fiction and fantasy. Has written novels for the Battletech and Shadowrun universes.

Born, raised, and educated in State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Received a cross-departmental degree in biology and geology from Brown University. Previously worked as a graphic artist, game designer, art director, and commercial sculptor. He is a member of the Society of Creative Anachronisms and the La Belle Compagnie. Resides in Herndon, Virginia, with his wife Elizabeth.



- Science fiction set in the Battletech universe, where soldier pilot giant robots to battle for control of the Inner Sphere.


- Fantasy series set in the Shadowrun universe, where magic has reawakened to bring back dragon, elves, and orks.

A Prince Among Men Series

- Fantasy series about the returned King Arthur to a world of reawakened magic, elves and goblins.

Chronicle of Aelwyn

- Fantasy series about the young magician Yan Tanafres. In a world peopled by the human-like Merin, the monkey-like Bregil and lizard-like Drakenree. Very good series.

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