Shards of a Broken Crown

by Raymond E. Feist

Published by Voyager 
UK 6.99
498 Pages
ISBN 0-00-648348-8

This a fantasy novel, which is volume four of "The Serpentwar Saga" series. I would recommend anybody intending to read this novel to first look at some of the preceding novels, of which there are eight, but the volume stands very well of it's own.

Set after the defeat of the Emerald Queen's army, with the Western realm of the Kingdom is ruins, the danger is not over. General Fadawah takes control of the remains of the Queen's army in an attempt to forge his own realm. With Duke James dead it is up to his grandsons, Jimmy and Dash, to take a lead is saving the Western Realm from being lost to the Kingdom forever.

This is an excellent continuation of Ray's Midkemian series of books. As the new generation of characters replace the old, mostly killed off during previous conflicts, they are helped by the original characters of Pug and Tomas. Ray has done very well with those two, considering how all powerful they seemed at the end of the original series. There are more books planned to continue with Midkemia, which I am confident will be as good as any before.

Overall this book is a really good ending to an excellent series. 8 out of 10.

P.F. 17th April 1999

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