She Is the Darkness

by Glen Cook

Published by TOR Books (US)
U.K. 5.50 (Paperback)
470 Pages
ISBN 0-812-55533-3

This is a fantasy novel, the Eighth Chronicle of the Black Company. It is the second volume in the Glittering Stone series, which started with Bleak Seasons.

The series follows the fortunes of a company of mercenaries, the Black Company. The main character is Croaker, now Captain of the company, who is supported by the few surviving characters from the previous books, Lady, One-eye, Goblin, Murgen, and Otto.The characters are the same strange bunch, with Lady regaining her vast power, and the feuding wizards One-eye and Goblin.

The plot of these books involve the Company travelling South towards the fabled city of "Khatovar", where the Black Company first set forth from four centuries before. The Company are working for the Taglian government, to fight the Shadowmasters and their Shadowland empire. Also out to get the Company are Lady's sister Soulcatcher, the sorcerer Howler, and the child of Lady and Croaker, abducted by the cult of the dark goddess Kina.

If you have tried any of the previous Black Company books then you will have a good idea of the style of this book. The story is told from the Company Annalist's, Murgen, point of view. The alliances of both sides shift and change with the fortunes of war, and the Company must be prepared to do anything to survive.

If you have not tried any of the previous seven Chronicles, then I would recommend reading them first from the beginning. The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger, so I will be eagerly awaiting the next volume.

A score of 9 out of 10. Excellent. Cooks Black Company have a unique style that is very entertaining.

P.F. 6th September 1998

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