Tracy Raye Hickman

About the Author

Write both fantasy and science fiction books.

Born in Salt Lake City, US. Is married with 4 children. Resides in Flagstaff, Arizona.


DragonLance Chronicles - with Margaret Weis

- Fantasy series set in TSR's DragonLance gaming world. The first three volumes are the story of the War of the Lance, which follows a group of adventurers and heroes as they struggle to overcome the forces of evil intent of conquering all Ansalon. This was one of the first fantasy series I tried, and is an excellent story of a small group of friends that must fight to protect for all they love from being destroyed by the forces of darkness. The fourth volume tells the story of the Chaos War, and follows the descendants of the original Heroes of the Lance.

DragonLance Legends - with Margaret Weis

- Fantasy series set in TSR's DragonLance gaming world. The twins brothers Majere are reunited after parting during the War of the Lance. Raistlin the Archmage prepares to challenge the gods themselves to take his place among them. Caramon once again takes up his sword to save his twin from being destroyed by his ambition. This is a great story, which happens to follow my favorite character the dark and cynical Archmage Raistlin Majere.

The Death Gate Cycle - with Margaret Weis

- Fantasy series set in a world magically sundered into four separate worlds joined by the Death Gate. Haplo is a Patryn, one of a race of powerful beings that were imprisoned in a magical Labyrinth after a battle with their Sartan enemies. One of the first Patryn's to escaped the Labyrinth he travels the four realms of Air, Fire, Stone, and Water, to find out how the balance of power has changed since their imprisonment by their enemies.

The Darksword Trilogy - with Margaret Weis

- Fantasy series set in the magical realm of Merilon. In the land where all have magical powers, Joram is born with none. Carried from his birth in secret and thought dead by his royal parents, Joram grows to up in a remote country village. When his lack of power is discovered, by the villagers, he flees to join up with an outlawed group of technologists. Joram then begins a quest to forge a magic-absorbing Darksword, to allow him gain his revenge over those who rejected him. A pretty good series that builds to a powerful ending, but I did not like it as much as the previous DragonLance series.

Rose of the Prophet Trilogy - with Margaret Weis

- Fantasy series set in the desert lands of the followers of the god Akhran. The Great War of the Gods leads to their followers taking arms against each other. The desert people who follow Akhran the Wanderer come under attack from the powerful followers of Quar, god of reality, greed and law. The Sorceress Zohra, the dark Paladin Khardan, and the wizard Mathrew must join together to help Akhran's people to oppose the armies of Quar.

Star of the Guardians Trilogy - with Margaret Weis

- Science fiction series set in a universe where a republic has recently replaced a proud monarchy. The heir to the lost throne must prove himself as fractions try to either raise him as King or kill him.

Starshield Universe - with Margaret Weis

- Science fiction series set in the Starshield Universe where both technology and magic are possible.


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