Error "WMI: 80041017: The query was not syntactically valid. -- PerfCounter: The specified object is not found on the system. (Performance Counter error 0xC0000BB8)" returned by PRTG WMI sensor. To fix:

  1. Open Admin command prompt on server being monitored
  2. Run command "lodctr /r"

Refresh the sensor and the data should load.

More info here:

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Cannot create Contact in Exchange Online
paul | Thursday, 21 June 2018 | Office 365 | Contact

When trying to create a new contact in Exchange Online it fails with the error below:

Cannot create Contact
The proxy address "SMTP:[email protected]" is already being used by the proxy addresses or LegacyExchangeDN of "". Please choose another proxy address.( The "MailUser" with display name "Joe Bloggs" is already setup and using the same address.)
This is due to the email address already being used for a guest users account. Guest user account addresses are not displayed within Exchange Online. The only way to create the contact is currently to delete the guest account (which removes all their Sharepoint permissions) and then create the contact.
1. Delete the “guest user” MailUser object in Exchange Online 
Get-MailUser [email protected] | Remove-MailUser 
2. Create the MailContact 
3. Add the MailContact 
Then the user will have to be added to Sharepoint again and access configured to the sites they previously had access to.


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Emails missing from Shared Mailbox
paul | Wednesday, 20 June 2018 | Office 365 | Exchange

Users reporting email sent to Shared Mailbox missing when accessed from Outlook.

When a message is marked with sensitivity "Private" they are not downloaded to Outlook when accessing a Shared Mailbox with full access permission. This is due to being unable to select the view private option when adding full access permission in the Exchange admin center.

The workaround is to access the Shared Mailbox using Outlook Web Access or create a mail transport rule to remove the private flag before it is delivered to the mailbox.

Creating mail transport rule

  1. In Exchange Admin Center under "mail flow" select "Create a new rule..."
  2. In "Do the following..." select "Set the message header to this value..."
  3. Set the message header "Sensitivity" to the value "normal"
  4. Save it


Now emails that match the rule get the "Private" flag removed. Making them accessible from the Outlook client.

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Cannot open file attachment in Outlook Mobile for Android
paul | Monday, 11 June 2018 | Office 365 | AIP

When trying to view certain file attachments (specifically jpg images) on Android Outlook Mobile it displays the error message below:


No Available Apps

There are no apps on this device that your organization allows to open this attachment


This is due to a MAM policy being configured in Azure AD. Installing the AIP app below allowed the attachment to be opened.


Azure Information Protection:

If hyperlinks open with the "No Available Apps" error then installing the Managed Browser and adding that to the policy should work.

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SMTP Host not connecting to Exchange Online Servers
paul | Wednesday, 25 April 2018 | Office365 | SMTP

SMTP Host not connecting to Exchange Online servers.

When testing the connection the responses to the SMTP commands is blanked out with stars.

This was due to a Cisco firewall mailguard feature. Instructions to disabling the mailguard feature are in the webpage below.

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