Microsoft Teams lockdown backgrounds
Office 365 (Teams) Thursday, 21 May 2020 by paul

It is possible to lockdown what backgrounds can be set in Microsft Teams via policy. The following PowerShell can be used with the Skype for Business Onine Windows PowerShell Module installed:

Import-Module SkypeOnlineConnector
$sfbSession = New-CsOnlineSession
Import-PSSession $sfbSession

# Lockdown backgrounds policy. Possible values are: NoFilters, BlurOnly, BlurAndDefaultBackgrounds, AllFilters.
Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity Global -VideoFiltersMode BlurAndDefaultBackgrounds

# Apply to all policies
Get-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy | foreach { Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity $_.Identity -VideoFiltersMode BlurAndDefaultBackgrounds }

This can prevent users from selecting inappropriate images as backgrounds in meetings.

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