Check for uppercase email addresses and update it
Active Directory (PowerShell) Thursday, 18 June 2020 by paul

The following PowerShell script will check if any Active Directory users have an email address which contains an upper case character and will change all the email address to lowercase.

# Check email address is lowercase and update if not
Import-Module ActiveDirectory

$arrac = get-aduser -filter * -property SamAccountName, emailaddress

function CheckUpper {
   Param ($text)
   $c = 0
   $position = foreach ($character in $text.ToCharArray())
     if ([Char]::IsUpper($character))
       return $c;
   return 0;

foreach($user in $arrac)
    If ($user.EmailAddress -ne $null) {
        $sam = $user.SamAccountName
        $email = $user.EmailAddress
		if (CheckUpper($email) -gt 0) {
           $email2 = $user.EmailAddress.Tolower()
		   Write-host $sam "contains uppercase. converting $email -> $email2" -foreground red
           Set-ADUser -identity "$sam" -EmailAddress $email2
		else {
		   Write-host $sam "only lowercase - $email" -foreground green

Needs to be run as a user with access to update the specified AD users.

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Thursday, 25 January 2024 by Olivier
It works like a charm, thank you!
Friday, 23 September 2022 by ADAdmin
Many thanks for your script. It works fantastic and safes huge time !!!