New Microsoft Team meeting experience
Office 365 (Teams) Friday, 31 July 2020 by paul

If you are on the latest greatest version of Teams then you can enable the new features:

  • Meetings open in a separate window (allowing you to continue using Teams client for other stuff)
  • Together mode (rather than video like celebrity squares it puts everyone in a virtual conference room)
  • Large Gallery Mode (up to 49 videos, must have at least 10 users with video to see)
  • Focus mode (for when presentations – removes video and mutes you)
  • New Meeting Notes view (separate tab for notes rather than just side panel)
  • Owner can “End Meeting” rather than leaving and allowing it to continue

The new features need to be enabled manually in settings. Under General tick box “Turn on new meeting experience”. Then exit Teams (right clock icon in system tray and select “Quit”) and restart client to see changes.

The new meeting experience will become the default at some point and then everyone will see it.


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