Exchange admin center Dynamic Distribution List Name issue
Office 365 (Exchange) Friday, 23 September 2022 by paul

The new Exchange Admin Center mostly works but I have come across an issue with the naming of Dynamic Distribution Lists. The new Admin center uses the “name” field as the group name when listing groups while the Classic Exchange Admin center uses the “display name” field to list groups.

This causes an issue when you change the group name in the new Exchange Admin center as the display name stays the same and is not visible in the new Admin center. When you need to locate the list in the Address Book/ or as a member of another distribution list/ or in the Classic Admin center it is only referenced by the old Display Name.

The PowerShell script below can be used to locate all the dynamic groups where the name does not match the display name and then update the display name to match the name:

$groups = Get-DynamicDistributionGroup | where {$_.DisplayName -ne $_.Name} | select name, displayname
foreach($group in $groups){
    write-host "Group $group.name updating display name from $group.displayname"
    Set-DynamicDistributionGroup -identity $group.name -DisplayName $group.name

Hopefully the Exchange Admin Center is fixed soon to update the display name when the list name is changed.

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