Oracle Scheduled Backup Job stops working with Initialization Error
Oracle (Initialization Error) Friday, 14 July 2017 by paul

Recently had an issue with an Oracle (11g) Scheduled Backup Job which had worked fine for a long time but started failing with the error "Initialization Error" when executing the RMAN script.

Name Targets Status Started Ended Elapsed Time (seconds)

Execution: orcl01.server.local
orcl01.server.local Initialization Error 07-Jul-2017 14:43:04 (UTC+01:00) 07-Jul-2017 14:46:09 (UTC+01:00) 185
Step: Initialize
orcl01.server.local Succeeded 07-Jul-2017 12:00:16 BST 07-Jul-2017 12:00:18 BST 2
Step: Run RMAN Script
orcl01.server.local Initialization Error 07-Jul-2017 14:43:09 BST 07-Jul-2017 14:46:09 BST 180

Restarting the server fixed the issue but is not ideal for a production machine.

Some Googling turned up a similar issue on an Oracle Community Forum (https://community.oracle.com/thread/1036886?db=5). As suggested in the post restarting the Oracle DB Console service fixed the issue without restarting the whole server.

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