A Man Betrayed

by J. V. Jones

Published by Orbit (UK)
U.K. 6.99
598 Pages
ISBN 1-85723-402-2


This novel is the second volume in the series "The Book of Words", which began with "The Bakers Boy". While I liked the first novel, it was a standard fantasy novel that introduced the various heroes and villains of this series.

The main characters are Jack, the former bakers boy, Melli, the young noble woman, and Tawl, the Knight of Valdis. These characters change over the series as they grow into adulthood or come to terms with the realities of the world.

The action in this volume takes place away from Harvell, exploring other kingdoms and city states. "A Man Betrayed" does well to set up an interesting state for the third novel to conclude, with the main characters in a very difficult situation.

I think this novel is better than the first, and the characters are growing in complexity. The next book in the series will be "Master and Fool", which I would expect to be available early 1997. I think the next volume will conclude the series.

P.F. 8th December 1996

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