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Writes fantasy novels. Her earliest novels that I picked up were written with Raymond Feist. The characters are usually passionate with strong feelings. She is also a very good artist, and graces some of her novels with her own covers. All her novels are very good, and hopefully she will write many more in the future.

Her hobbies include riding horses, sailing, and music. She writes very convincingly on these subjects in her novels. She lives in Florida, USA.


The Cycle of Fire Trilogy

- This is my favorite series by Janny. Essentially it is a fantasy series but it does have a few science fiction elements. It is about a young man's struggle against demons (ala aliens) trying to destroy humanity, who uses sorcerous powers inherited from his reviled father Ivan Firelord. I felt this was a very balanced series that held my interest from beginning to end. I am glad she finished the story when it was told and there were no more sequels.

  • Sorcerer's Legacy

  • The Master of Whitestorm

    - One off book, about a driven man who seems to tackle impossible tasks with no regard for the danger to himself. I liked this book quite a lot. Very interesting, but ended with a change of pace that was surprising.

    The Wars of Light and Shadow

    - The third volume in the series that continues the account of the conflict between the two princes cursed to fight until one is destroyed. An enjoyable book. The only problems are that it did not seem to give any finish to the on going conflict and left most of the story open.

    The next volume in the ongoing story is Fugitive Prince, which is now out in hardcover.

    Empire series with Raymond E. Feist

    - Set in the fantasy feudal Japanese world of Kelewan. They tell the story of Mara, of the House Acoma, and her struggles in a male dominated world when she unexpectedly finds herself head of her family. While it is set in the world used in REF's Riftworld trilogy, it is in a different style that is less generic fantasy and shows more of the Kelewanese society. It is a fascinating story, especially for those who like liked it in Magician. The Kelewanese society is similar to feudal Japan.


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