by Alan Dean Foster

Published by Delrey
U.S. $5.99
ISBN 0-345-40644-3


This book continues the Flinx series set in the Humanx Commonwealth universe. On the cover it states "Pip and Flinx meet Midworld!", which gives a pretty good idea of what the novel is about.

Flinx is a young man, given strange powers by genetic engineering, who is a wanderer, student, loner. Pip is his pet flying snake that spits a deadly venom. Midworld is a forest world with huge trees and deadly flora and fauna.

Flinx is chased to Midworld by an unstable rich merchant who wants to add Pip to his personal zoo. The main part of the novel involves various chases through the deadly jungle of Midworld.

I did like this book, but have always been a longtime fan of the series so that was to be expected. Not anything amazing or surprising. It did add an other part to the ongoing story of Flinx's life and his upcoming battle against the great darkness that was identified in "Flinx in Flux".

P.F. 30th September 1996

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