The Order War

by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

Published by Orbit (UK)
U.K. 6.99
ISBN 1-85723-377-8

This book continues the Recluse series set in the world where order and chaos are magical forces that can be tapped by wizards.

This book tells the story of Justen, the only Gray Wizard. Although it is the fourth book in the series it does explain a great deal more of Justen, who appearred in the first volume as a secondary character.

Justen begins as a junior engineer of Recluse who leaves to try to help stop the Armies of the Chaos Wizards, of Fairhaven, from conquering the Candor continent. It does well to explain events Justen referred to in The Magic of Recluse, and fleshes out some interesting elements of the world that I was unaware of from the previous three novels.

I did like this book, which adds another volume to the ongoing story of Recluse.I think it will be the last prequel to The Magic of Recluse, but Modesitt has managed very well so far to make them quite interesting prequels. At 581pages it does seem to go on a bit, but it does always keep the readers attention well. The only problem I have with it is the "evil" characters seem quite intelligent and normal most of the time, but then burn a city of people without a second thought, which I think seems inconsistent at time.

P.F. 13th October 1996

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Paul Farris 1996