Rage of a Demon King

by Raymond E. Feist

Published by Avon (US) 
U.S. 6.99
588 Pages
ISBN 0-380-72088-4


This is a third fantasy novel in The Serpentwar Saga, set in Feist's world of Midkemia.

In the previous novels, Shadow of a Dark Queen and Rise of a Merchant Prince, brings the story of the war from the continent of Novindus to the Kingdom. Of the boyhood friends, Erik is now a soldier in the Duke of Krondor's army, and Roo is the most powerful merchant in Krondor. Both must prepare for the Emerald Queen's huge army to invade, with the knowledge that anything they do may not be enough to stop the powerful force that has conquered Novindus.

The pace of the series seems quite slow, with Feist alternating between several groups of characters to show a complex storyline. The first two books established the main characters and this volume seems intent on the main conflict, and uncovers more information on exactly who the real enemy is.

This volume has more pace and action than the previous novel, Rise of a Merchant Prince, which concentrated on Roo's rise to power. As most of the main plots are resolved by this book, it will be interesting to see what the next novel in the series, Shards of a Broken Crown, will involve. Anyone who has read the first two volumes will know what to expect from this novel, the third in the series.

Overall this novel was up to Feist's usual high standard. 8 out of 10.

P.F. 21st March 1998

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