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Write both fantasy novels and science fiction. With characters that are realistic and not very heroic, their actions are sometimes disturbing. I would not recommend the books for young children, but for adults it is interesting to see what events actually form the characters.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1947.As a child he lived in India with his father, an orthopaedic surgeon. His fathers work with lepers during this period inspired the character of Thomas Convenant. Graduated from College of Wooster, in Ohio, in 1968.Received an MA in English, from Kent State University. He resides in New Mexico.

Is currently working on the third, and final, Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.

Qtuoe from SciFi Wire (21st Jan 2000)Author Stephen R. Donaldson said there is no truth to a recent rumor that he is working on a new installment of his best-selling fantasy series The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. Donaldson said that rumor has been kicking around for 15 years, but that "it's no more true now than it was in 1985--which is to say, not at all."

However, Donaldson didn't rule out the idea of writing more Covenant books at some point. "The possibility exists that I will someday write what I call The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant," he told SCI FI Wire. "But I've given the idea no serious consideration yet."


The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever

- Fantasy series about the leper Thomas Convenant, transported to magical land to save it from destruction. Thomas Convenant is an anti-hero, determined to not believe that the Land exists, and only wanting to return to his normal life. Brilliant trilogy. The main character is not very likable, but makes an interesting change from a generic hero.

The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

- Sequel fantasy series. Thomas Convenant is once again transported back to the land to save it from a new threat, only to find it transformed from all it was in the first series. Excellent.

Mordant's Need

- The young woman Terisa is transported from New York to the kingdom of Mordant, where mirrors have magical powers. Not as good as the Thomas Convenant books, but in a very similar style.

The Gap Series

- Science fiction series. I have tried the first volume and found that it disturbed me and put me off from reading any other of the books.


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