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My Recommended Authors that I have read, their books, reviews, and my comments. I will get around to completing notes on all of them eventually (or not).

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Quick Book Review

My notes and feelings about these books I haverecently tried, with the most recent at the top of list.

  Title Author Date
   A Clash of Kings  by George RR Martin  January 00
   Queen of Demons  by David Drake  Sept 99
   Lord of the Isles  by David Drake  June 1999
   Shards of a Broken Crown  by Raymond E. Feist  April 99
   Jingo  by Terry Pratchett  March 1999
   She Is the Darkness  by Glen Cook  September 98
   The Rivan Codex  by David and Leigh Eddings  August 1998

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Quick Author Review

My favourite authors, what they have written, and why I like them. Listed in forename order. If you favourite author is missing then let me know about them.

  Author Genre
  Alan Dean Foster * Science Fiction, Fantasy, Film
  Anne Rice Horror
  Arthur C. Clarke Science Fiction
  Barry Hughart Fantasy
  Ben Bova Science Fiction
  Brian Lumley Horror
  Bruce Bethke Science Fiction
  C.J. Cherryh Science Fiction, Fantasy
  Charles Sheffield Science Fiction
  Dave Duncan/Ken Hood * Fantasy
  David Drake Science Fiction, Fantasy
  David Eddings * Fantasy
  David Weber Fantasy, Science Fiction
  Douglas Adams Science Fiction
  Diane Duane Science Fiction, Fantasy
  E.E. "Doc" Smith Science Fiction
  Elizabeth H. Boyer Fantasy
  Eric S. Nylund Fantasy, Science Fiction
  Gary Gygax Fantasy
  George R. R. Martin Fantasy
  Glen Cook * Fantasy
  Greg Bear Science Fiction/Fantasy
  Guy Gavriel Kay Fantasy
  Harry Harrison Science Fiction
  J.R.R. Tolkien Fantasy
  J.V. Jones Fantasy
  Jack Vance Fantasy, Science Fiction
  Jane Welch Fantasy
  Janny Wurts Fantasy
  Julian May Fantasy, Science Fiction
  L.E Modesitt Jr. Fantasy
  Lawrence Watt-Evans Fantasy, Science Fiction
  Louis McMaster Bujold Science Fiction
  Louise Cooper Fantasy
  Margaret Weis Fantasy, Science Fiction
  Marion Zimmer Bradley Science Fiction, Fantasy
  Michael A. Stackpole * Science Fiction, Fantasy
  Michael Crichton Science Fiction, Thrillers
  Michael Scott Fantasy, Horror
  Michael Scott Rohan Fantasy
  Neal Stephenson Science Fiction
  Nigel D. Findley Fantasy, Science Fiction
  Orson Scott Card Fantasy, Science Fiction
  Patrick Tilley Science Fiction
  Piers Anthony Fantasy, Science Fiction
  Raymond E. Feist * Fantasy
  R.A. Salvatore Fantasy
  Richard A. Knaak * Fantasy
  Robert Jordan * Fantasy
  Robert N. Charrette Science Fiction, Fantasy
  Robin Hobb/Megan Lindholm * Fantasy
  Roger Taylor * Fantasy
  Roger Zelazny Fantasy
  Simon R. Green * Science Fiction, Fantasy
  Stephen Donaldson Fantasy, Science Fiction
  Steve Perry Science Fiction
  Steven Brust * Fantasy
  Tad Williams Fantasy
  Terry Brooks Fantasy
  Terry Pratchett Fantasy
  Timothy Zahn Science Fiction
  Tracy Hickman Fantasy, Science Fiction
  Vernor Vinge Science Fiction
  William Gibson Fantasy, Science Fiction
  William H. Keith, Jr Fantasy, Science Fiction

(KEY: *=Highly Recommended Authors, Science Fiction Authors, Fantasy Authors, Mixed Genre Authors)

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